Historical longswords served as medieval and Renaissance weapons, particularly notable for their sharp taper and fine point that allowed them to pierce or slip through gaps in armor. With the advent of plate armor, swordsmen had less need to carry a shield for protection, instead using their off hand for a technique called half-swording, which gave greater control and thrusting power to the wielder of a medieval longsword. Knights wielding longswords also developed the tactic of repeatedly striking opponents with the pommel, leading to the phrase, To pummel someone. Sometimes called war swords or battle swords, traditional longswords featured simple, cruciform hilts and straight, double-edged blades. Whether you want to hone your combat skills or display an excellent example of a medieval sword, you can find many great options here at Buying a Sword. We carry great functional longswords from Cold Steel, Windlass, and Tinker Pearce. Our longsword replicas can easily serve as home decor, training swords, or re-enactment accessories.
Italian Long Sword by Cold Steel
Modeled on the Italian concept of sword design, the blade and balance of the Italian Long Sword slightly favors thrusting attacks, however, its cutting edges are astonishingly effective too and can deliver downright ferocious blows.
Price: $470.00
On Sale For: $376.00
Highland Long Sword
Featuring a touch of Scottish design, this Highland Long Sword is the weapon that any knight would be glad to wield - possessed of an effective form and a long blade, while still having a bit of stylish design to its appearance, as well.
Price: $112.00
Tinker Pearce Sharpened Longsword
Tinker Pearce has developed these matching longswords to satisfy the need of every Western Martial Arts practitioner and sword enthusiast, to have a matching set of sharp and blunt swords for cutting and safe training practice.
Price: $345.00
Tinker Pearce Blunt Longsword
The Blunt Trainer longsword features nearly identical handling of its sharp companion, but with thick edges (2mm) and a rounded tip for safe sparring practice. Tinker Pearce has developed matching longswords to satisfy any sword need.
Price: $325.00
Classic Medieval Long Sword
As swords evolved from the Middle Ages to the High and Late Middle Ages, they became longer and stronger. This Classic Medieval Long Sword, for instance, is an example of a Late Middle Age sword, made for use with one or two hands.
Price: $187.00
Bosworth Long Sword
Perfect for re-enactors, collectors, or modern warriors, the Bosworth Long Sword serves as an excellent historical sword replica and battle ready blade. The medieval long sword looks stunning and feels great to use.
Price: $350.00
Man at Arms Italian Longsword by Cold Steel
Exemplifying the design of a medieval era Italian longsword, the Man at Arms Italian Longsword by Cold Steel features a long and slender blade which is exceptionally proficient in both slashing and thrusting style attacks.
Price: $360.00
On Sale For: $288.00
Saint Maurice Long Sword
The saint for whom this Saint Maurice Long Sword is named was considered to be a commander of a Theban Legion in Ancient Rome, as well as a Christian - a very successful one when they were considered to be a threat to the Empire.
Price: $161.00
Competition Cutting Longsword
In a stunning show of skill and precision, Angus Trim has done it again. By special request, this swordsmith has created the Competition Cutting Longsword to blow away the competition of the Historical European Martial Arts.
Price: $1,200.00
German Long Sword
A high-performance sword for modern warriors and serious collectors, the German Long Sword features a design inspired by various historical examples. The functional sword is exquisitely balanced and hand-honed to a keen edge.
Price: $730.00
On Sale For: $584.00
Knight Errant Stage Combat Sword
Displaying a historical design and blunt edges, this Knight Errant Stage Combat Sword is excellent for edge to edge contact demonstrations. This high carbon steel sword is also great for medieval plays, ceremonial use, or display.
Price: $195.00
Demon King Longsword
Intricately detailed and wickedly stylish, the Demon King Longsword is a fantasy display sword featuring the jewel-eyed face of a demon at its ornate crossguard. This decorative gothic blade is made of high quality stainless steel.
Price: $93.90
Warriors Longsword
This is THE weapon you want when facing a horde of enemies or just one fearsome foe. Our Warriors Longsword is handmade and crafted from a high carbon steel, making it a functional sword intended for use in a variety of situations.
Price: $244.00
Skeleton King Longsword
The shape and decoration that exists on the Skeleton King Longsword brings to mind the image of a dark, skeletal overlord clad in sundered armour, sitting on a throne made of dark metal as he waits for his time to attack the living.
Price: $54.50