Renaissance Swords

The Renaissance saw a shift in sword styles from those of the Middle Ages due to the many rapid improvements in weapons technology that began to occur. The Renaissance swords at Buying a Sword include designs like Renaissance longswords, Musketeer rapiers, cinquedea swords, fencing sabers, colichemarde swords, and Renaissance broadswords. Our Renaissance blades feature many striking looks, including a number of Italian and Spanish rapiers with swept hilts and cup hilts. Certain of our Renaissance sword replicas are inspired by famous figures like Christopher Columbus, El Cid, Charles III, and Napoleon. We carry high quality decorative swords that are perfectly suitable as ceremonial weapons or can be displayed in a home or office as a unique accent. Many of our functional swords also possess eye-catching looks but can also be used for combat and re-enactments. No historical sword collection can be complete without fantastic Renaissance swords to show the evolution of this iconic weapon.
Musketeer Rapier
The musket, though the prime weapon of the French Musketeers, was a cumbersome firearm, both to load and fire, so a good rapier was a necessary second weapon that no musketeer was likely ever without.
Price: $265.00
Masonic Knights Templar Sword
This Masonic Knights Templar sword is exactingly reproduced from originals and is a very beautiful sword. Intricately carved, solid metal fittings plated in rich 24K gold and red enamel inlay only enhance its appeal.
Price: $325.00
Musketeer Sword
Ancient art figures and swirled cut-outs embellish this cup hilt sword. This Italian made full size decorator sword features cast metal handle and an antique brass finish. The blade has intricate engraved designs stamped into it.
Price: $83.75
Brandenburg Rapier
The rapier is a classic evolution of the sword, changing as warriors began to favor finesse and skill over strength. This Brandenburg Rapier is equal parts form and function, possessing a dashing look and a blade fit for any swordsman.
Price: $285.00
Spanish Basket Rapier
During the 17th century, swordsmanship, particularly with the rapier, was considered to be a part of a gentlemans education. This Spanish Basket Rapier is an elegant form of the sword, designed for appeal and for cut-and-thrust tactics.
Price: $171.00
Munich Sword
There are several of these swords in different private and public collections, one in the Wallace Collections and several at the Bavarian National Museum. A Munic Sword is a perfect example of German Military Cut-and-Thrust Swept Hilt.
Price: $265.00
Deschaux Rapier
With its graceful, artistic lines, the rapier has always been a romantic symbol of the Renaissance. The reality is that the rapier is a deadly hand-to-hand combat weapon, perfectly suited for the swift duelists of the day.
Price: $265.00
17th Century Italian Rapier
A beautifully executed 17th Century rapier with a complex hilt and faceted pommel. The grip is hand wound with silver plated wire with woven wire rings, top and bottom. This type of sword was deadly effective as a dueling weapon.
Price: $285.00
Italian Brass Basket Rapier
The rapier, born of the 16th and 17th centuries, was a change in the sword that shifted from a focus on cutting to thrusting. This Italian Brass Basket Rapier demonstrates a long blade, as well as an ornate yet defensive hilt design.
Price: $180.00
18th Century Masonic Sword
The Freemasons gave the Masonic Sword as an award of rank and merit. The engravings on the sword and scabbard displayed the symbols of the movement. This replica faithfully reproduces the detail of a Masonic sword of the period.
Price: $94.00
Renaissance Rapier by Marto
The Renaissance Rapier by Marto is a reproduction of a typical 16th century Renaissance period rapier, one of the premier fencing swords of the age, featuring a swept hilt fit to protect the hand from the point of an enemy sword.
Price: $450.00
Traditional Colada Broadsword Rapier
A traditional 1620 broadsword rapier with the classic flair of the originals, this hand forged steel blade couples the beauty and curves of swept quillions with a leather grip. A leather sheath is also included.
Price: $227.25
Colichemarde Sword
True to form, our Colichemarde Sword mirrors the Renaissance original with its extra-long, wide forte that abruptly tapers down to an acute point. The hilt features a decorative yet functional shell guard complete with finger loops.
Price: $480.00
On Sale For: $384.00
Brass Crown Basket Rapier
Given that training with a sword became a formal part of a gentlemans education during the 16th and 17th centuries, sword duels began to flourish. This Brass Crown Basket Rapier is a design that depicts the style of swords in this era.
Price: $180.00
Pilsen Rapier
Based on a German weapon of antiquity, the Pilsen Rapier is a unique weapon that is light and quick. Made of high carbon steel, this functional rapier has an ornate knot-shaped basket hilt to protect the hand of its wielder in combat.
Price: $245.00
Leather Wire Hilt Rapier
Predecessor to modern fencing weapons as we know them, the Rapier is the progenitor of a line of swords that emphasize precision, agility, technique, and a counter-and-thrust style that has become the sport of fencing.
Price: $108.00
Italian Long Sword by Cold Steel
Modeled on the Italian concept of sword design, the blade and balance of the Italian Long Sword slightly favors thrusting attacks, however, its cutting edges are astonishingly effective too and can deliver downright ferocious blows.
Price: $470.00
On Sale For: $376.00
16th Century Two-Handed Sword with Scabbard
If you have been searching for a medieval styled sword with elegance, then the 16th Century Two-Handed Sword with Scabbard may be what you desire. This hand forged sword recreates antique refinement that no warrior can deny.
Price: $420.00
Ribbed Shell Swept Hilt Rapier
Beautifully polished and with a single, wide fuller at the forte, the Ribbed Shell Swept Hilt Rapier is a dueling weapon with perfect balance to its long, narrow blade. Its distinctive hilt is made of high quality stainless steel.
Price: $600.00
On Sale For: $480.00
Leather Hilt Rapier
Predecessor to fencing weapons as we know them, the Rapier is nearly the progenitor of a line of swords that emphasizes precision, agility, technique, and a counter-and-thrust style that has become the modern sport of fencing.
Price: $108.00
Cinquedea Short Sword
Born of the Italian renaissance, the Cinquedea Short Sword was a popular weapon during the 15th and early 16th centuries. Named for its width (cinquedea means five fingers), it was favored by civilians, thanks to its hardy make.
Price: $216.00
15th Century Ring Hilted Sword
When you are sword fighting, you need a weapon that is functional, alluring, and protective. The 15th Century Ring Hilted Sword encompasses all three of these features, making it your ideal sword for light combative use.
Price: $248.00
Black Hilt Rapier
Not all rapiers were made for the social elite of the renaissance. They were a common sword of the day, and so some, like this Black Hilt Rapier, were made to be less ornate. Being less fancy hardly decreased its effectiveness.
Price: $99.90
On Sale For: $89.91
El Cid Colada Sword by Marto
The El Cid Colada Sword, by Marto, is a reproduction of a sword that belonged to the Castilian knight Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, known as El Cid Campeador in the 11th century. This sword honors some of the knights many deeds.
Price: $272.00
Swept Hilt Flamberg Rapier
Rapiers, like other swords in era, were subject to unique twists too. This Swept Hilt Flamberg Rapier, for instance, combines the classic hilt of the dueling sword with a thinner wave-blade borrowed from the zweihander.
Price: $158.00
Spanish Tizona Cup-Hilt Rapier by Marto
The Spanish Tizona Cup-Hilt Rapier, by Marto, is a full-sized reproduction replica of the very well-known sword from the 16th century, valued and used through-out all of Europe during the advent of the rapier and the thrusting sword.
Price: $565.00
16th Century Two-Handed Sword with Scabbard and Belt
The beauty and function of a blade like the 16th Century Two-Handed Sword with Scabbard and Belt is something to be truly appreciated. Any gentleman or warrior would be happy to carry this fine weapon at their side.
Price: $525.00
Wire Wrapped Hilt Rapier
Predecessor to fencing weapons as we know them, the Rapier is nearly the progenitor of a line of swords that emphasizes precision, agility, technique, and a counter-and-thrust style that has become the modern sport of fencing.
Price: $108.00
Small Sword
The advantage of the sword point over the edge became increasingly evident by the end of the 16th century. The Small Sword is a rapier, with its thin profile and emphasized point, based on the popular choice in civilian self-defense.
Price: $435.00
On Sale For: $348.00
Hutton Sabre
One of the rapidly growing arts within historical fencing societies is that of sabre fencing in the late 19th century Italian style, originating with fencing masters who were employed to train mounted troops in the effective use of the military sabre.
Price: $170.00
King Charles III Rapier by Marto
The King Charles III Rapier Sword by Marto is a reproduction of a guard sword that belonged to King Charles III. Charles the Third (Carlos the Third) was a man of great dynamic spirit and promoted cultural and economic growth.
Price: $469.00
Duelists Swept Hilt Rapier
The epitome of skill and noble swordplay was, without a question, embodied in the rapier. Favored by military and civilians alike, swords like this Duelists Swept Hilt Rapier were a common sight throughout the 16th and 17th centuries.
Price: $156.00