Decorative Spears

Popular among peasants and nobles, medieval spears served as a lightweight and easy-to-use weapon for hunting and battle. The decorative spears that we carry at Buying a Sword make excellent collectible polearms for weapons enthusiasts, theatrical props, ceremonial weapons, and re-enactment accessories. Along with our medieval spears, we offer a range of similar historical polearm replicas like Roman pila, gladiator tridents, medieval lances, and more. Several of our historical spears are inspired by various media, such as the Spartacus TV show. In addition to full spears, we also offer a number of spear heads that you can attach to a shaft of your choice. These museum-quality pieces are crafted by excellent manufacturers like Art Gladius and Get Dressed for Battle. Take a moment to peruse our selection, and you can find a number of great options for your next Renaissance fair or home decor.
Spartan Spear
Spears were commonplace in Greek armies. They were the typical weapon of the hoplite, the soldier of ancient Greece. But no spear was more feared then the Spartan Spear, likely because of the fearsome fighting prowess of its wielders.
Price: $74.00
The Holy Lance
At the Imperial Treasury, housed in Vienna, Austria, rests The Holy Lance. Said to belong to a Roman soldier, Longinus, who pierced the side of Christ with a spear, this artifact has a colorful history and a legend of potential power.
Price: $162.00
Greek Bronze Spear Parts
The sword may have been the favored close combat weapon of the Greek warrior, but it was the spear that was considered a hoplites primary weapon. With the Greek Bronze Spear Parts, you will be able to recreate this essential weapon.
Price: $233.00
14th Century Lance
Playing a significant role in Middle Ages warfare, the lance was a favorite weapon amongst medieval cavalry due to its supreme stopping power. You can experience this game-changing weapon firsthand with the 14th Century Lance.
Price: $515.00