Decorative Weapons

Many different types of weapons have been used throughout the ages, giving you plenty of options when you are creating your historical weapons collection. At Buying a Sword, we carry a fantastic array of display weapons that are not intended for combat. Many of these collectible weapons can function as costume weapons for Renaissance fairs, re-enactments, weddings, and theatrical performances. These ornamental weapons can be shown off on a stand or in a display case in your home or office as a unique statement piece. Our inventory includes many decorative polearms like battle axes, halberds, maces, flails, spears, and war hammers. Additionally, we offer high quality decorative daggers. Crafted by top manufacturers like Denix, Marto, Art Gladius, and Deepeeka, these pieces appear in many different styles from various eras and cultures to ensure that you can find the right medieval weapon to suit your needs!
Decorative Daggers, Ornamental Daggers, and Display Daggers
The decorative daggers at Buying a Sword are crafted by some of the top manufacturers to ensure that each one possesses a museum-quality appearance. These fantasy daggers and historical daggers include designs from various eras and cultures, including sgian dubhs, pugiones, seax, stiletto daggers, and many more. These ornamental daggers make fine display pieces, collectibles, costume weapons, and theatrical props.
Decorative Double Headed Axes, Ornamental Axes, and Display Axes
You can find a great selection of decorative axes at Buying a Sword, including these double headed battle axes. Our ornamental axes are ideal for re-enactments, weapons collections, home decor, and theatrical performances. Crafted by some of the top manufacturers around, these double headed axes appear in a range of styles from fantasy to gothic to Viking, showing off fantastic details that set each one apart.
Decorative Flails, Ornamental Flails, and Display Flails
When you want the perfect medieval polearm for roleplaying a medieval knight, check out the excellent decorative flails found here at Buying a Sword. These impressive ornamental flails feature between one and three spiked balls that give them intimidating appearances. Pick up one of our medieval flail replicas for your historical re-enactment, weapons collection, upcoming theatrical performance, or unique home decor!
Decorative Halberds, Ornamental Halberds, and Ceremonial Halberds
Fans of medieval weapons will find an array of excellent halberd replicas available here at Buying a Sword. These decorative halberds and similar medieval polearms are ideal as re-enactment accessories, theatrical props, home decor, and more. Crafted by top manufacturers, these ornamental halberds come in a range of styles from fantasy to medieval and Renaissance, and many show off excellent details like engraving and fringe for extra flair.
Decorative Maces, Ornamental Maces, and Display Maces
No medieval weapon looks quite as intimidating as a historical mace replica. Buying a Sword carries a great selection of decorative maces that have been crafted with attention to detail, showing off wicked spikes and flanges. These ornamental maces, war clubs, and morning stars serve well as theatrical props, re-enactment accessories, and unique home or office decor. Check out our collectible maces to find the perfect weapon for your needs!
Decorative Single Headed Axes, Ornamental Axes, and Display Axes
Available in a wide range of designs, the single headed axe replicas at Buying a Sword make fantastic collectibles, home accents, re-enactment accessories, ceremonial weapons, and theatrical props. These decorative axes include Viking axes, throwing tomahawks, pipe hawks, and fantasy axes, among other pieces. A number of these ornamental axes possess extremely ornate appearances with intricate engravings, cutouts, and sculpting to set them apart.
Decorative Spears, Ornamental Spears, and Display Spears
Find the perfect historical polearm replica for your collection among the decorative spears here at Buying a Sword. We carry many ornamental spears and similar medieval weapons like Roman pila, medieval lances, and gladiator tridents. In addition to medieval spear replicas, we offer a number of spear heads that you can add to a staff. Browse our selection to find a great display spear for your re-enactment, home decor, or theatrical performance.
Decorative War Hammers, Ornamental War Hammers, and Display War Hammers
A historical weapon that played a key role during the Middle Ages and Renaissance, medieval war hammers come in a variety of designs. At Buying a Sword, we offer an array of excellent decorative war hammers that suit as home or office decor, theatrical props, or re-enactment accessories for Ren fairs. Our ornamental hammers display detailing like engravings and sculpting that makes them stand out with eye-catching appearances.