Daggers by Style

Here at Buying a Sword, we offer a wide array of daggers in many different styles, including designs from various historical periods and cultures. Our Daggers by Style category allows you to narrow down your hunt for the kind of blade you want, while also exploring the many dagger types there are available. We carry both functional daggers and decorative daggers, though even our battle ready daggers can double as distinctive display pieces. Crafted from fine metals like high carbon steel, stainless steel, and iron, these collectible daggers work great for historical re-enactments. Explore our range of high quality daggers to see the many different options, such as fantasy daggers, Scottish sgian dubhs and dirks, Roman pugiones, Viking seax, Renaissance stilettos, parrying daggers, Crusader daggers, and many, many more.
Celtic Daggers, Scottish Daggers, and Sgian Dubhs
The Celtic daggers and Scottish daggers at Buying a Sword make excellent functional blades and display pieces. With options like the iconic sgian dubhs and regimental dirks to choose from, you are sure to find a highlander dagger that will make the perfect finishing touch to traditional dress or a historical weapons collection. These functional and decorative daggers are crafted from materials like Damascus, stainless, and high carbon steel.
Fantasy Daggers, Claw Daggers, and Dragon Daggers
Fantasy daggers are well-known for unique blade designs, making each one a work of art worthy of display. At Buying a Sword, we offer a wide range of fantasy punch blades, daggers, and other blade styles. These functional and decorative daggers include pieces inspired by media like Conan the Barbarian, Assassins Creed, and Legend of Zelda, as well as others showing ornamentation like dragons, flames, scorpions, serpents, spiders, and other icons.
Fencing Daggers, Parrying Daggers, and Main Gauche Daggers
The historical fencing daggers here at Buying a Sword offer a great opportunity to learn about the art of Renaissance dueling. Parrying daggers come in an array of styles like Renaissance main gauche and other off-hand daggers crafted for increased defensive abilities. Available in decorative and functional dagger designs, these sparring daggers make excellent companion weapons for our Renaissance single handed swords.
Medieval Daggers, Crusader Daggers, and Knightly Daggers
Choose the perfect companion weapon for your sword among the medieval daggers at Buying a Sword. These knightly daggers come in functional dagger and decorative dagger designs, making them ideal for personal defense, historical re-enactments, and weapons collections. We carry styles like rondel daggers, ballock daggers, swordbreaker daggers, and many more. The medieval blades are crafted from metals like carbon steel, stainless steel, and iron.
Norse Daggers, Viking Daggers, and Seax Daggers
Here at Buying a Sword, we carry a great selection of historical dagger replicas from various eras and cultures, such as high quality Norse daggers. Our Viking daggers, Germanic daggers, and Anglo-Saxon daggers include a number of functional seax and other decorative dagger designs. Crafted from fine materials like high carbon steel, bone, horn, and wood, these traditional Norse blades are ideal for collectors and re-enactors.
Renaissance Daggers, Renaissance Stilettos, and Poignard Daggers
The Renaissance daggers at Buying a Sword make a great addition to any Ren fair attire, theatrical play, historical weapons collection, or period re-enactment. Our Renaissance blades come in a variety of styles like stiletto daggers, poignard daggers, and colichemarde daggers. These functional daggers and decorative daggers are well-crafted from steel and handle materials like bone, horn, nickel silver, and wood.
Roman Daggers, Roman Pugiones, and Gladiator Daggers
When you want a fantastic Roman dagger to accompany your gladius, you can find many great Roman sidearms here at Buying a Sword. We carry excellent Roman pugiones, parazonium daggers, legionnaire daggers, and gladiator daggers that work well for historical re-enactments, Renaissance fairs, and weapons collections. These functional daggers and decorative daggers are crafted from fine materials like steel, bone, brass, and wood.