Swords By Name

With a name like Buying a Sword, it will come as no surprise that we carry an impressive selection of swords on our site. The sheer number of functional and decorative swords can sometimes make it challenging to find the perfect one. To simplify your search for the sword of your dreams, we have categorized a large number of our historical swords according to name to help you narrow down the type of medieval sword you are hunting. Certain names refer to the model of sword, such as claymore swords, bastard swords, and longswords, while others name categories include various versions of a particular blade, like our Excalibur swords, Richard the Lionheart swords, and Charlemagne swords. All of our sword replicas display iconic looks from throughout the ages, ensuring that no matter what kind of period sword you are looking for you will be able to find stunning options to choose from!
Agincourt Swords, English Swords, and Hundred Years War Swords
Inspired by the English victory at the Battle of Agincourt, these excellent historical sword replicas offer a great option for medieval sword enthusiasts. Our Agincourt swords are single handed swords in a classic English style, similar to those that would have been used in this Hundred Years War conflict between Henry V and Charles VI. You can re-enact this famous battle with authenticity using these English swords.
Arming Swords, Medieval Arming Swords, and Medieval Swords
Similar to the knightly sword or knights sword, historical arming swords were the traditional weapon of the knight during the Middle Ages. These medieval swords at Buying a Sword are crafted for authenticity, making them ideal for historical re-enactments and display in a home or office. Our high quality arming sword replicas come in decorative and functional designs, ensuring that you can find the perfect one for your needs.
Basket Hilt Broadswords, Renaissance Backswords, and Basket Hilted Swords
One of the popular Renaissance swords of the 16th to 18th centuries, the basket hilt broadsword possesses an ornate guard to protect the hand of the wielder. Offered in variations known as basket hilt backswords, Scottish broadswords, and schiavona swords, our selection of basket hilted sword replicas at Buying a Sword ensures that historical weapons collectors and re-enactors will have plenty of great options.
Bastard Swords, Functional Bastard Swords, and Decorative Bastard Swords
Serving as a catch-all term for blades that could not be easily categorized, bastard swords are merely one of the historical swords we carry at Buying a Sword. We offer many high quality bastard sword replicas that are perfect for putting on display or using in combat and re-enactments. Many of these medieval swords came into use in the Middle Ages as weapons that could be wielded with one or two hands in battle, offering greater versatility.
Charlemagne Swords, Charles the Great Swords, and Charlemagne Sabers
One of the most important medieval rulers, Charlemagne played a crucial role in the formation of Western Europe as we know it today. Our Charlemagne swords at Buying a Sword offer several Joyeuse sword replicas of his personal weapon and other decorative Charlemagne sword designs for collectors and re-enactors to enjoy. These medieval swords display incredibly detailed appearances, several with ornate gold plating and engravings.
Charles V Swords, Holy Roman Emperor Swords, and Charles V Replica Swords
As Holy Roman Emperor, King of Spain, Germany, and Italy, and Archduke of Austria, Charles V ruled over an extensive domain during the early Renaissance. Buying a Sword carries several excellent Charles V sword replicas that are perfect for historical re-enactments and putting on display in a home or office. Our Charles V collectible swords possess ornate appearances, as is proper for the weapon of such an important figure.
Claymore Swords, Scottish Claymores, and Highland Claymores
Often seen in association with figures like William Wallace and Robert the Bruce, traditional claymore swords remain some of the most iconic Scottish swords. At Buying a Sword, we provide a wide selection of high quality Highland claymores, including both functional claymores and decorative claymores. These impressive medieval two-handed swords make fantastic options for re-enactments, training, or unique home or office decor.
Crusader Swords, Functional Crusader Swords, and Decorative Crusader Swords
Some of the most famous military campaigns in history, the Crusades involved many soldiers sworn to be warriors for God as they reclaimed the Holy Lands. At Buying a Sword, we offer a wide selection of decorative and functional Crusader sword replicas that are perfect for combat and display. These medieval Crusade swords make excellent collectibles for history lovers and weapons enthusiasts with their authentic details and ornamentation.
Cut and Thrust Swords, Renaissance Military Swords, and Single Handed Swords
A middle-ground Renaissance blade falling between the arming sword and the rapier, traditional cut and thrust swords possess the best of both worlds. Buying a Sword is pleased to offer several excellent cut and thrust sword replicas in functional sword and decorative sword designs. These Renaissance military swords are perfect for historical re-enactments, training, and displaying in your home or office as an eye-catching accent.
Excalibur Swords, King Arthur Swords, and Excalibur Replicas
King Arthur, Merlin, and the Knights of the Round Table remain iconic figures of lore. Just as famous is Arthurs mystical sword, Excalibur, making the Excalibur swords at Buying a Sword fantastic collectible weapons for fans to enjoy. These Excalibur replicas include functional Excaliburs and decorative Excaliburs, so you can find the perfect one for re-enactments, theatrical performances, or display in your home or office.
Falchion Swords, Falchion Replicas, and Medieval Falchions
Medieval swords come in many distinctive types like falchion, a unique European sword similar to a Persian scimitar. We provide high quality medieval falchions at Buying a Sword that are perfect for honing your swordsmanship skills or putting on display in your home or office. Few historical falchion replicas still exist in present day, making the opportunity to take home your own copy of a falchion sword even more amazing.
Flamberge Swords, Flambard Swords, and Flame Blade Swords
Translated as flame blade, traditional flamberge swords possess a unique style of undulating blade that offers a flame-like appearance. Buying a Sword provides several high quality flamberge replicas perfect for choosy weapon collectors who want a Renaissance sword that will stand out from their other pieces. Our functional flamberges and decorative flamberges work well for re-enactments and displaying in your home or office.
Gladius Swords, Roman Gladiuses, and Gladius Replicas
An iconic weapon of the Roman Empire, the historical gladius was wielded by legionnaires and centurions in many famous battles. Buying a Sword carries a variety of Roman gladii, including designs like the Mainz gladius and Pompeii gladius. Perfect for re-enactors, collectors, and combatants, the functional gladius and decorative gladius replicas you will find here are of unbeatable quality.
Great Sword Replicas, Functional Great Swords, and Decorative Great Swords
Known for their massive size, medieval great swords sport long, heavy blades that make them powerful infantry weapons for facing off against polearms and axes. Buying a Sword provides historical great swords that are perfect for taking into battle or showing off in home decor. These large medieval longswords are crafted by some of the top manufacturers in the industry, ensuring that any great sword replica you choose will be a high quality blade.
Hand and a Half Swords, Medieval Swords, and Historical Sword Replicas
Medieval hand and a half swords could be wielded with one or two hands, leading to the creation of the name. At Buying a Sword, our hand and a half sword replicas come in many excellent styles, including functional sword and decorative sword designs. Whether you want a battle ready sword for training and re-enactments or a display sword for showing off in your home, you can find great options among our historical hand and a half swords!
Henry V Swords, King Henry Swords, and Henry V Replica Swords
Knightly swords of excellent quality, our Henry V sword replicas at Buying a Sword make superb functional weapons for re-enacting his victory at Agincourt or performing the eponymous Shakespeare play. Modeled on the medieval sword on display in Westminster Abbey, our Henry V swords also work well as decorative swords for your home or office. History lovers and weapons enthusiasts will enjoy the details of these sword replicas.
Katana Swords, Samurai Swords, and Japanese Katana
Of all oriental weapons, the katana remains one of the most well-known. The Japanese sword was the traditional samurai weapon during the feudal period. Our Japanese katana and samurai swords at Buying a Sword allow you the opportunity to choose your own functional katana for martial arts and combat or decorative katana for collecting and display. Our traditional katana, shirasaya, and iaito come in many beautiful designs with authentic construction.
Knight Swords, Knightly Swords, and Medieval Knight Swords
The classic weapon of the medieval warrior, our knight swords at Buying a Sword feature authentic period details and quality construction. These knightly swords could be used on foot or horseback in the Middle Ages, leading to their popularity. The historical sword replicas you will find here come in functional knight sword and decorative knight sword models, ensuring that re-enactors, combatants, and collectors can find pieces of interest.
Longswords, Medieval Long Swords, and Longsword Replicas
Popular armor-piercing swords used by knights and other warriors during the Middle Ages and Renaissance, historical longswords were effective and versatile weapons. Our medieval longswords at Buying a Sword come in functional sword and decorative sword designs that are perfect for the stage, historical re-enactments, combat, and home decor. Our battle ready longswords are made by some of the best manufacturers in the business.
Masonic Swords, Freemason Ceremonial Swords, and Masonic Society Swords
Originating with the Knights Templar, the Freemasons remain a mysterious secret society even today. Our masonic swords at Buying a Sword offer a look into their rituals by displaying many iconic Freemason symbols in their designs. These ceremonial swords feature ornate appearances that make them ideal for display. If you have always been fascinated by the Freemasons, then be sure to come and check out the collectible swords we carry here!
Musketeer Swords, Musketeer Rapiers, and Musketeer Sword Replicas
Whether you love the Alexandre Dumas novel or simply appreciate the styling of Renaissance swords, you are sure to appreciate the high quality Musketeer swords found at Buying a Sword. These Musketeer rapiers come in various styles modeled on the historical blades wielded by these light cavalry figures. We carry functional rapiers and decorative rapiers suitable for Musketeer re-enactments and putting on display in your home.
Norse Swords, Viking Swords, and Ulfberht Swords
Many of our Norse sword replicas at Buying a Sword are modeled on archeological finds, ensuring that you have plenty of accurate Viking swords to choose from when picking out your historical blade. Other designs are drawn from Norse mythology and lore, offering eye-catching looks with a fantasy bent. No matter whether you want a Saxon sword, an Ulfbert sword, or one of our many other Norsemen swords, you can find great options here.
Rapier Swords, Fencing Swords, and Dueling Swords
The iconic blade of the Renaissance period, the historical rapier often takes the form of a slender, rigid thrusting sword with a sharp point. Our Renaissance rapiers, fencing swords, and dueling swords at Buying a Sword display many unique appearances with elegant swept hilts and other ornamentation. We carry functional rapiers as well as decorative rapiers, ensuring that you can find the perfect one to suit your re-enactment or weapons display.
Richard the Lionheart Swords, Richard I Swords, and Plantagenet Swords
Richard Coeur de Lion, translated Richard the Lionheart, remains one of the most well-known kings of England from the Middle Ages. One of the last warrior kings, Richard I of England remains a popular historical figure within pop culture. At Buying a Sword, we offer a great selection of Richard the Lionheart swords perfect for collectors. These decorative swords show ornate styling suitable for display and theatrical use.
Robin Hood Swords, Robin of Locksley Swords, and Robin Hood Collectible Swords
The tales of Robin Hood have continued from the late medieval period all the way to modern day, pervading pop culture and legend. Our Robin Hood swords at Buying a Sword offer a great opportunity for showing off your love of this classic character from English folklore. Our Robin Hood sword replicas include functional swords and decorative swords, providing excellent options for re-enactors and collectors.
Short Swords, Riding Swords, and Short Sword Replicas
Before the longsword and the bastard sword gained popularity, the medieval short sword served as the classic weapon of the knight. These single-handed cruciform swords still make fantastic collectibles at Buying a Sword, where we carry an excellent assortment of short sword replicas. We offer a number of fantasy short swords, Cinquedea swords, Roman short swords, Celtic short swords, and other variations to suit any need.
Solomon Swords, King Solomon Swords, and Decorative Solomon Swords
The Judgment of King Solomon remains a well-known story in legend. Here at Buying a Sword, we carry many eye-catching decorative swords for display and costume use, including a great selection of Solomon swords inspired by the wisdom of this Israelite king. Our ornamental Solomon swords showcase many fine features like gold and silver plating, engravings, and other embellishments that make each one unique.
Templar Swords, Knights Templar Swords, and Decorative Templar Swords
The Knights Templar served as one of the most influential military orders during the time of the Crusades. Despite being officially disbanded in the 1300s, their legend has continued to present day. Celebrate these renowned knights with one of the Knights Templar swords that we offer here at Buying a Sword. Our selection includes fantastic decorative swords and functional swords for display and re-enactments.
Two Handed Swords, Double Handed Swords, and Zweihander Swords
Wielding two handed swords requires the use of both hands due to the large size and heftier weight of the design. At Buying a Sword, we offer many high quality double handed swords and Zweihanders in a range of styles. Many of our functional two handed swords are crafted to face the rigors of combat, yet they can also serve as decorative swords for display with their authentic details and impressive appearances.