Swords by Style

Swords come in almost any style imaginable, varying greatly throughout history and in the many fantasy worlds that have been created. Here at Buying a Sword, we make it simple for you to find the kind of sword you want with our Swords by Style categories. We organize all of the functional swords and decorative swords on our site according to some of the most popular and distinctive sword styles from various eras and cultures around the world, such as Roman swords, pirate swords, fantasy swords, and Middle Eastern swords. Our Swords by Style section is a great place to come when you know a general idea of the kind of sword you are looking for or want to explore the options available to you. Browse our site to see many excellent sword replicas that showcase the many different sword varieties that exist.
Civil War Swords, Military Swords, and Cavalry Sabers
Military sabers and Civil War swords come in many different styles from the various armed forces from around the world. At Buying a Sword, we provide an excellent selection of military swords that includes everything from Union and Confederate sabers to Russian shashkas to Mameluke swords. A number of our cavalry swords and other blades are functional sabers, while other ceremonial swords and dress swords serve a decorative purpose.
Crusader Swords, Templar Swords, and Teutonic Knight Swords
One of the most influential conflicts in the history of Europe and the Middle East, the Crusades spanned over two hundred years of the Middle Ages. Buying a Sword provides a number of Crusader swords inspired by the weapons wielded by these medieval knights, including Knights Templar swords and Teutonic Knight swords from these important military orders. Our Crusade sword replicas come in designs ideal for re-enactments and display.
Fantasy Swords, Lord of the Rings Swords, and Game of Thrones Swords
Some of the most unique swords on the Buying a Sword site can be found here among our fantasy swords. Our fantasy blades include fantasy katana, licensed sword replicas, and other exotic designs that are perfect for battle and display. We carry mythical swords like Excalibur, famous swords from series like Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones, and other creative pieces like dragon swords and zombie swords that are sure to draw eyes.
Greek Swords, Spartan Swords, and Hoplite Swords
One of the powers of the ancient world, Greece produced incredibly skilled warriors that remain well-known even in modern times. Our Greek swords, Spartan Swords, and Macedonian swords at Buying a Sword allow you to appreciate these Grecian warriors in a whole new way. Our Greek kopis and falcata replicas come in many distinctive looks, including decorative Greek swords and functional Greek swords for re-enactors and collectors.
Medieval Swords, Knight Swords, and Medieval Longswords
The elite warriors of the Middle Ages, knights used many historical sword styles as the weapon developed. We carry a wide selection of those medieval swords at Buying a Sword, including medieval short swords, bastard swords, arming swords, and broadswords, among others. In addition to making great display pieces, these knightly swords are the perfect weapon when you are heading to a Ren fair, an SCA tournament, or another re-enactment event.
Middle Eastern Swords, Persian Scimitars, and Egyptian Khopeshes
The countries of the Middle East have produced many unique weapons over the years, making this a great place to come when you want a historical sword that will stand out. At Buying a Sword, we carry a great selection of Middle Eastern swords like the scimitar, khopesh, shamshir, talwar, and qama. Our Middle Eastern sabers, Turkish short swords, and Persian war swords will add eye-catching variety to any historical weapons collection.
Pirate Swords, Pirate Sabers, and Pirate Cutlasses
Anyone fascinated by the Golden Age of Piracy will enjoy the fantastic pieces we carry among our pirate swords at Buying a Sword. Our buccaneer swords include cutlasses, boarding sabers, hanger swords, spadroons, officers swords, and other sea-worthy designs. Whether you fancy yourself as Captain Jack Sparrow or the infamous Blackbeard, you can find excellent swashbuckler swords for re-enactments or put one of our decorative swords on display.
Renaissance Swords, Musketeer Rapiers, and Renaissance Sabers
The Renaissance period saw drastic changes in the kinds of historical swords being used. Buying a Sword offers a look at some of the popular Renaissance sword types, including a number of pieces that work great for re-enactments and putting on display. Our collection includes Renaissance small swords, Musketeer rapiers, colichemarde swords, cinquedea swords, fencing sabers, Renaissance broadswords, and many others.
Roman Swords, Gladiator Swords, and Gladius Swords
You can arm yourself in the style of one of the most powerful empires of the ancient world with the Roman swords found here at Buying a Sword. Our selection includes Roman spatha and gladius replicas, as well as several pieces inspired by historical figures like Julius Caesar and Spartacus. Our gladiator swords and Roman soldier swords are ideal for re-enactors, collectors, and combatants with their authentic period details.
Scottish Swords, Celtic Swords, and Scottish Claymores
At Buying a Sword, our historical sword designs come in a wide range of styles, including a selection of Scottish and Celtic swords. We carry high quality Celtic short swords and Celtic war swords in eye-catching designs, as well as Scottish claymores, basket-hilt swords, and broadswords. Whether you need a functional William Wallace claymore or a decorative Irish sword, you can find the perfect weapon for your needs.
Viking Swords, Norse Swords, and Ulfbert Swords
Viking warriors wielded a number of intimidating weapons as they sailed along the English coast raiding and pillaging. At Buying a Sword, you can find many high quality Viking swords that are perfect for collectors and re-enactors. Our Norse swords include historical sword replicas like Ulfbert swords, Cawood swords, and Godfred swords, as well as Viking blades inspired by mythological figures like Odin and the Einar.