Functional Single Headed Axes

Used since ancient times as a tool and weapon, functional axes come in a variety of designs suitable for cleaving helms and chopping wood. Our single headed battle axes, bearded axes, throwing tomahawks, Frankish axes, Viking axes, Danish axes, and other designs here at Buying a Sword ensure that you will be able to find the right re-enactment axe for your needs. Made from fine materials like high carbon steel and hardwoods, these medieval axes feature antiqued and polished finishes that allow them to double as authentic display pieces. A number of our throwing axes are competition approved, while others also suit close combat and historical re-enactments from the medieval to colonial period. Several of our functional tomahawks are pipe hawks, as well. Take a moment to examine the range of single headed axe options available here at Buying a Sword, and you will see many great pieces.
Viking Axe
The axe is a powerful weapon and an equally powerful tool, and in Viking hands it became a legend. This Viking Axe has a handcrafted look and a brutal design, one that makes it a weapon to be feared by all those who face it in battle.
Price: $195.00
Viking Bearded Axe
The Viking Bearded Axe had a beard, or increased depth at the lower end of the blade, adding the rigidity needed for a weapon that could also be used for chopping chores. This Viking axe is hardwood-handled and competition approved.
Price: $36.00
On Sale For: $29.00
Medieval Pole Axe
With a good sharp point that could be used to spear, a back spike that could pierce armor, and the axe head itself, this Medieval Pole Axe is a superb copy that demonstrates just how deadly a good pole axe could be.
Price: $145.00
Bearded Axe Antiqued
Our Viking Axe and Bearded Axe are typical patterns, capable of cleaving helms or armour with impunity. They feature forged heads with sharp tempered edges and hardwood shafts. Both shafts are approximately 30 inches long.
Price: $125.00
Viking Throwing Axe
The Viking Throwing Axe was a light axe borrowed from the Frankish War with the Romans, when the Franks employed the weapon successfully both as a projectile and at close-quarters. This axe is great for throwing competitions.
Price: $36.00
On Sale For: $29.00
Antiqued Danish Axe
The Danish Axe by Hanwei is undoubtedly a fine example of the use of peacetime agricultural tools as weapons in time of war. Equally at home felling trees or adversaries, the axe evokes a fearsome picture of the woodsman at war.
Price: $140.00
Viking Field Axe
The axe was a popular weapon during medieval times for a variety of reasons, the least of which was ease of construction. The Vikings had a love for the axe, and one of their typical weapons is recreated here in this Viking Field Axe.
Price: $89.00
Francisca Axe
The Francisca, so named for its Frankish origins, was used by the Vikings both as a throwing weapon and for close-quarters combat. Its graceful lines are legendary and both the point and edge were capable of penetrating chain mail.
Price: $120.00
Archer's Axe
Archers always carried an in-close fighting sidearm, and an axe like this one was a perfect choice as both a good worker and a weapon. The flat poll was good for hammering in stakes and then the blade could be used to sharpen them.
Price: $60.00
Bearded Axe
In the hands of a novice, an axe is a deadly tool, one that makes great use of brutality and simplicity. In the hands of a skilled warrior, a Bearded Axe like this simple specimen transforms into a truly deadly weapon of war.
Price: $49.00
Dragon Viking Axe
The Nordic warrior held his weapon in great reverence and often lavished them with elaborate decorations. Our example displays a Viking dragon knot work motif. This is the perfect size for one handed combat in with a shield.
Price: $75.00
Two Handed Viking Battle Axe
The weapons of the Viking warrior were streamlined in design, yet possessed of fine detail work that made each one a distinctive armament. This Two Handed Viking Battle Axe is no different, appearing as both weapon and work of art.
Price: $117.00
Throwing Tomahawk
The 4 inch edge on this Throwing Tomahawk gives you the maximum target penetration potential under the rules set by the National Muzzleloading Rifle Association. Hand forging makes these tomahawks stronger and tougher.
Price: $25.00
Battle Axe
This new axe has a back spike to add to its effectiveness as a weapon of war. The steel head is pinned to a hardwood shaft that is curved at the end on this effective hand axe. It is a great piece to add to your collection.
Price: $110.00
Norse Viking Axe
Split heads on the battlefield with the Norse Viking Axe in hand. With its sturdy construction and authentic design, this capable historical weapon is ideal for Norse warriors and fans of Viking history alike.
Price: $275.00
Antiqued Throwing Axe
No collection is complete without the addition of a well-balanced throwing axe. The Antiqued Throwing Axe, made by Hanwei, could historically be used as a dangerous weapon in two ways, depending on the combat situation.
Price: $65.00
Throwing Tomahawk Axe
This Throwing Tomahawk Axe is perfect for practicing your throwing skills. The throwing axe head is hand forged in carbon steel with a black finish, and the handle is wood. This throwing axe is lightweight and measures 12.5 inches.
Price: $12.50
On Sale For: $11.25
Viking Beard Axe
The axe was, perhaps, among the first of the tools made by mankind and has remained important to many cultures in history. The Vikings are the most associated with the axe, and weapons like this Viking Bearded Axe are the reason why.
Price: $180.00
Norse Hawk
Capturing the Viking spirit, the Norse Hawks 4 inch blade features a highly curved cutting edge and terminates in two sharp points. These points increase the chance of a stick when the Norse Hawk is thrown.
Price: $42.00
On Sale For: $33.60
14th C. Medieval Bardiche
The terror of the battlefield was the knight, charging the field on a warhorse with fine weapons and greater training. This 14th C. Medieval Bardiche, though was the foot-soldiers answer to these highly skilled mounted masters of war.
Price: $295.00
Roman Pick Axe
Roman warriors did wield other weapons then the traditional gladius and pilum. One of their more situational weapons was this brutal looking Roman Pick Axe. Also known as a dolabra, this impressive piece is both a weapon and a tool.
Price: $108.00
The addition of a longer haft can help improve the force behind an axe swing and a larger head will do the same, while also offering a larger cutting surface. The Bardiche is the culmination of these two points made real.
Price: $113.00
Battle Bardiche
The bardiche was a style of pole axe that was used throughout Eastern Europe during the medieval and renaissance periods. The Battle Bardiche behaves like a large axe with an oversized blade, making it perfectly suited for cleaving.
Price: $123.00
Bullseye Tomahawk Axe
The Bullseye Tomahawk Axe is perfect for practicing your throwing skills. This lightweight throwing axe has a hand forged, carbon steel head with a sleek black finish with silver edges. The axe head is attached to a wooden handle.
Price: $13.90
On Sale For: $12.51
Viking Axe by Cold Steel
Like the master weapon smiths at Cold Steel, we have long been believers in the ferocious cutting power of a well-designed Viking Axe. Now, we are happy to present you with one such axe that has been meticulously made to be exceptional.
Price: $150.00
On Sale For: $120.00
Danish Axe
Simple, versatile, and effective are three good words to describe this Danish Axe. This is an axe that fits all three quite well, because it features a relatively hardy construction, as well as a very versatile form fit for any warrior.
Price: $39.00
Large Viking Axe
No matter the size of their blade, axes are always effective. Smaller blades excel at concentrating force and going through armor, while larger blades, like the one on this Large Viking Axe, are designed purely for cleaving.
Price: $108.00
Frankish Axe
The ancient Frankish Warriors would form a rough line and hurl spears and these axes before charging in with sword and shield for close combat. This distinct axe is perfect for throwing with its solid steel head and hardwood shaft.
Price: $45.00
Dragon Hunter Fantasy Axe
There has yet to be a scaly monster that can hold up to this wicked axe! The Dragon Hunter Fantasy Axe was made for hunting dragons, and when wielded by an expert, this axe is the weapon to use when cleaving through dragon scales.
Price: $89.00
Half Moon Tomahawk
This Tomahawk is a weapon that looks like it has come straight for the earliest days of America, before even the settlers arrived. The Half Moon Tomahawk is a weapon that features Native American styling.
Price: $60.00
Templar Horseman Axe
Not all axes were made for splitting shields and cracking helmets. This Templar Horseman Axe, for instance, is an example of an axe designed to take advantage of speed, possessing a curved blade and spiked poll for added versatility.
Price: $189.00
Trollsbane Axe
This axes name implies that it is the premier weapon for killing trolls, although that is not quite right. The Trollsbane Axe is actually quite effective against anything, utilizing a broad, heavy blade that cleaves with remarkable ease.
Price: $112.00