Functional Weapons

Throughout the ages, many kinds of weapons have been used in combat aside from swords. When you want a functional weapon to use in your historical re-enactment or battle, be sure to check out the wealth of options available to you here at Buying a Sword. These battle ready weapons include functional daggers and functional polearms like war hammers, flails, spears, maces, halberds, and axes, giving you plenty of variety. These re-enactment weapons appear in many different styles, as well, such as medieval and Renaissance, Viking, and fantasy. Each of these historical weapons is crafted with attention to accuracy and quality to ensure that they look great while remaining hardy enough for use. Check out our range of medieval weapons to find the right kind to suit your needs!
Functional Daggers, Battle Ready Daggers, and Re-enactment Daggers
Come to the functional daggers at Buying a Sword whenever you are in the market for an unbeatable blade. We carry a wide selection of historical dagger replicas from the best manufacturers around. The battle ready daggers include sgian dubhs, dirks, seax, pugiones, stilettos, fantasy daggers, and many other designs from various eras and cultures. These re-enactment daggers can double as display pieces and costume accessories.
Functional Double Headed Axes, Battle Ready Axes, and Re-enactment Axes
Our functional double headed axes at Buying a Sword offer a great opportunity for you to experience what this traditional weapon is like to wield! Our battle axes, double bit axes, cruiser axes, throwing tomahawks, and hatchets offer a range of weapons crafted to withstand combat and activities like wood chopping, depending on the design. The double headed re-enactment axes are made from high quality materials to ensure their rugged constructions.
Functional Flails, Battle Ready Flails, and Re-enactment Flails
Medieval flails make a great choice for anyone re-enacting historical battles as an infantryman or knight. Our functional flails at Buying a Sword come with single or double spiked balls or weights. These battle ready flails are particularly useful for getting around shields and armor. Whether you want an iron flail for a re-enactment or to put on display, you can find a number of great options here.
Functional Halberds, Battle Ready Halberds, and Re-enactment Halberds
Show off your medieval combat skills by wielding one of these functional halberds at your next re-enactment battle! Buying a Sword offers a number of battle ready halberds and similar functional pole weapons like bardiches, bills, glaives, and pollaxes to suit your needs. These medieval halberd polearms are designed to withstand combat, while also serving as unique display pieces for collectors and arms enthusiasts to enjoy.
Functional Maces, Battle Ready Maces, and Re-enactment Maces
Pick up one of these functional maces from Buying a Sword, and you will be a formidable foe even to those in armor. We provide a fine selection of medieval bludgeons and cudgels including flanged maces, spiked clubs, and morning star weapons that historical weapons enthusiasts can enjoy. These battle ready maces are crafted from steel, iron, and wood, making them intimidating medieval weapons for combat or display.
Functional Single Headed Axes, Battle Ready Axes, and Re-enactment Axes
Whether used in close combat or as a general purpose tool, single headed axes make a great choice as a historical re-enactment weapon. Buying a Sword provides a wide selection of single headed battle axes, throwing tomahawks, pipe hawks, wood chopping hatchets, bearded axes, and more from the medieval to colonial periods. These functional axes are made from fine materials to ensure their durability and strength.
Functional Spears, Battle Ready Spears, and Re-enactment Spears
One of the most common weapons in history, the spear remains a classic functional polearm for re-enactments. At Buying a Sword, our battle ready spears are accompanied by a range of similar pole weapons like scythes, javelins, assegai, voulge, fauchards, and glaives. We also offer various spear heads. These functional spears are crafted to withstand combat while also showing off detailed appearances that make them ideal for display.
Functional War Hammers, Battle Ready War Hammers, and Re-enactment War Hammers
At Buying a Sword, we are pleased to offer a wide range of medieval polearms, including our array of functional war hammers that are great for re-enactments and combat. These battle ready war hammers can deliver concussive force even to those wearing armor, making them ideal for medieval battle. Choose between a functional maul, bec de corbin, or Lucerne hammer in styles used from the 14th to the 17th centuries.