Discover all of your favorite brands of medieval and modern weaponry here at Buying a Sword. With options like Calimacil LARP weapons, Hanwei oriental swords, Valyrian Steel replicas, Darksword Armoury daggers, Condor knives, and many others, you can be sure to find the right piece for your home armory. Weapons brands like Windlass, Tinker Pearce, and Cold Steel offer excellent functional swords and knives, while others like Stage Steel and Marto produce quality decorative swords, as well. Between all these fantastic brands, you will see an excellent array of items ranging from spears to daggers to battle axes that can be used as display pieces, stage weapons, LARP gear, or training tools. Certain brands specialize in particular styles, such as zombie survival gear, fantasy weapons, or historical weapons, too. Take a moment to browse through our various brands to find the one that best suits your needs and taste!
Armaduras Medievales Swords, Decorative Swords, and Historical Sword Replicas
Come to the Armaduras Medievales brand here at Buying a Sword to find an excellent selection of decorative swords and medieval knives inspired by popular historical and fantasy figures like King Arthur, El Cid, Charlemagne, and Carlos V. The ornamental swords and high carbon steel daggers produced by this weapons brand make great collectible weapons or costume accessories for fans of detailed medieval blade designs.
Art Gladius Swords, Decorative Swords, and Historical Sword Replicas
Discover a wide range of excellent decorative weapons in the Art Gladius brand at Buying a Sword. Art Gladius produces fantastic ornamental swords, collectible daggers, and other display weapons inspired by historical periods and figures. These medieval swords and Crusader daggers include western styles as well as pieces like Persian swords. Whether you want a Roman gladius, an elven sword, or a medieval spear, you can find the right choice here.
Calimacil LARP Weapons, LARP Swords, and LARP Axes
LARPers in the market for a foam latex weapon should be sure to check out the Calimacil brand here at Buying a Sword. Calimacil produces peerless quality LARP weapons in many designs and styles like fantasy, medieval, oriental, and Roman. These LARP swords, LARP axes, LARP daggers, LARP maces, LARP hammers, LARP staffs, and other pieces are crafted from Calimacils durable foam latex for a safe and maintenance free LARP experience!
Citadel Katana, Citadel Swords, and Citadel Wakizashi
The Citadel brand here at Buying a Sword offers an excellent selection of oriental swords to display and use. These high quality blades come in styles including limited edition katana and wakizashi made from differentially hardened high carbon steel. These samurai swords are sure to become favorites with their ornamentation and craftsmanship. Citadel swords can work well for martial arts practice while doubling as decorations for the home or office.
Cold Steel Swords, Cold Steel Daggers, and Cold Steel Weapons
Whether you are looking for a Chinese war sword, a medieval halberd, a Renaissance dagger, or a tribal spear, you can find the perfect functional weapon from Cold Steel here at Buying a Sword. Crafted from carbon steel and other fine materials, Cold Steel products feature extremely high quality construction, making them the ideal choice for re-enactors, collectors, and warriors. These historical weapons possess incredibly strong, sharp blades.
Condor Tool & Knife Weapons, Condor Axes, and Condor Hatchets
Historical re-enactors and outdoorsmen will enjoy the excellent Condor Tool and Knife products that we carry here at Buying a Sword. The Condor brand creates high quality weapons and tools like single headed and double headed axes from fine materials like carbon steel and hickory wood for a great look and craftsmanship. These historical axes and hatchets come in Swedish, German, Norse, and Danish designs, among others.
Darksword Armory Weapons, Darksword Armory Swords, and Darksword Axes
Turn your weapons collection into a veritable home armory with fantastic pieces from Darksword Armory! Buying a Sword carries a number of high quality functional swords and historical weapons that display the signature care and excellent craftsmanship of the brand, including Renaissance daggers, Viking axes, medieval bardiches, Scottish claymores, fantasy swords, and much more. These functional weapons are ideal for collectors and re-enactors.
Deepeeka Swords, Deepeeka Pole Arms, and Deepeeka Weapons Replicas
Deepeeka produces an unparalleled range of historical weapons replicas that are perfect for fair costumes and collections. Buying a Sword carries pieces like decorative swords, pole arms, and daggers. Our selection includes arming swords, flanged maces, gladiator tridents, Scottish claymores, glaives, medieval bardiches, Viking seax, and much more. These ornamental weapons possess detailed appearances great for displaying.
Denix Weapons Replicas, Denix Swords, and Denix Daggers
Producing museum quality weapons for display in your home, Denix has earned prestige for their detailed designs. At Buying a Sword, you can find excellent Denix weapons replicas ranging from ornamental swords to medieval halberds to ceremonial daggers and everything in between. These decorative weapons come in designs from around the world, ensuring that collectors and re-enactors can find something to their tastes.
Dragon King Katana, Oriental Swords, and Sword Canes
Dragon King reigns supreme as one of the best manufacturers of oriental swords, other functional blades, and accessories. Here at Buying a Sword, you can find a great selection of their high quality merchandise, including Japanese katana, Chinese swords, and sword canes perfect for wielding or collecting. Combining high end materials, traditional designs, and modern construction, these weapons are sure to impress.
Dynasty Forge Swords, Medieval Swords, and Officers Sabers
Functional swords appear at their finest among the weapons replicas made by Dynasty Forge. Buying a Sword carries Dynasty Forge swords suitable for sparring, training, cutting, or display. The historical swords range from military sabers to medieval swords, ensuring that collectors and re-enactors have great options. Whether you want to practice your skills or show off a battle ready display piece, you can find fine picks among Dynasty Forge blades.
Epic Armoury LARP Weapons, Epic Armoury Swords, and Foam Latex Weapons
Offering foam latex weapons perfect for LARP combat, Epic Armoury makes a great option for role-players of all experience levels to outfit their armories. These LARP weapons come in a wide range of designs from LARP swords and sabers to LARP axes, LARP war hammers, LARP maces, and LARP pole arms. Buying a Sword offers Epic Armoury designs in styles like medieval and fantasy to ensure you can find something to suit your character.
Forgotten Dreams, LARP Weapons, Historic LARP Swords, and Foam Latex Weapons
For high quality LARP Weapons with a masterfully crafted, realistic look, check out Forgotten Dreams here at Buying A Sword. Made of industrial foam with a fiberglass core, protected by coatings of latex and elastic gloss, these incredibly authentic looking weapons draw their inspiration from eras long ago as well as the realms of fantasy, ensuring an axe, dagger, or sword for any LARP character.
Get Dressed for Battle Replica Weapons, Medieval Weapons, and Functional Daggers
You can find fantastic options for historical re-enactments, display, or use here among the medieval weapons from Get Dressed for Battle. Buying a Sword carries a range of Get Dressed for Battle weapons including medieval polearm heads, functional axes, medieval flails, and medieval and Renaissance daggers. These historical weapons feature authentic construction styles, making them ideal collectibles and Ren Faire accessories.
Hanwei Weapons, Hanwei Swords, and Functional Weapons
Hanwei crafts some of the finest functional weapons in the world, including many European and oriental designs. Here at Buying a Sword, we provide an excellent array of Hanwei swords and other historical weapons including everything from katana to medieval swords to Viking axes. These battle ready weapons are ideal for martial artists, fencers, and re-enactors while possessing great appearances that also appeal to collectors.
Hibben Knives Weapons, Fantasy Daggers, and Gil Hibben Daggers
Featured in numerous films and TV shows over the years, Hibben Knives blades offer equally great functionality and style for collectors and re-enactors to enjoy. Master craftsman Gil Hibben creates high quality functional weapons from Damascus and stainless steel, including stunning fantasy daggers. Buying a Sword provides a selection of Hibben products featuring the personal seal of Hibben himself.
Kingston Arms Swords, Re-enactment Swords, and Sparring Swords
When you are looking for a historical sword for practice, combat, or the theater, the functional blades by Kingston Arms make a fantastic option. Buying a Sword carries Kingston Arms swords in blunt and sharp designs that are ideal for re-enactment, stage combat, and HEMA events. These sparring swords are sure to impress with their top-notch construction from spring steel with authentic period details.
Kit Rae Weapons, Fantasy Weapons, and Fantasy Swords
Appearing in films, TV shows, and video games, Kit Rae fantasy weapons make fantastic collectibles with their quality design and striking appearances. These decorative swords, ornamental daggers, and fantasy axes are ideal for collectors to put on display. Many Kit Rae blades come with signed art prints and certificates of authenticity. Take a moment to browse Buying a Sword for the perfect Kit Rae throwing axe or fantasy sword for your home.
Legacy Arms Weapons, Legacy Arms Swords, and Legacy Arms Daggers
Previously known as Generation 2, Legacy Arms leads the market in affordable swords and weaponry. Legacy Arms weapons are known for their historical authenticity and accuracy, including a range of designs like Roman swords, Scottish claymores, Viking daggers, medieval axes, and oriental swords. Additionally, their fantasy weapons feature many unique and eye-catching designs, making Legacy Arms a great option for collectors and enthusiasts.
Marto Weapons, Marto Swords, and Marto Axes
If you want a beautiful weapon replica for your home or office, you have come to the right place. Marto produces some of the best decorative swords, daggers, axes, and other historical and fantasy weapons available. The ornamental weapons feature precious metal details, engravings, and embellishments that make them ideal for collectors. Search among Viking axes, Roman swords, pirate sabers, Scottish claymores, and more to find the perfect piece.
Palnatoke LARP Weapons, Palnatoke LARP Swords, and Youth LARP Swords
With the goal of making the best LARP weapons in the world, Palnatoke has become a leader of the role-playing market. Palnatoke LARP swords and LARP daggers come in many styles like medieval, Viking, oriental, and fantasy, giving you great options as you are outfitting your LARP event. The quality role-playing weapons feature semi-hard foam construction with flexible, reinforced cores and rubber coatings to make them durable and safe for battle.
Red Dragon Armoury Swords, Training Swords, and Practice Swords
Choosing the right training weapon is an important decision, one made easier with the variety of quality options from the Red Dragon Armoury brand at Buying a Sword. We carry a range of synthetic sparring swords suitable for WMA and HEMA practitioners. These practice swords feature interchangeable parts that allow you to personalize your training blade with our individual sword parts. You can be sure to find a safe and reliable sparring weapon here.
Ritter Steel Weapons, Ritter Steel Swords, and Ritter Steel Daggers
A premium line of functional weapons, Ritter Steel handcrafts their affordable swords, daggers, and polearms using age old techniques and attention to detail. These historical weapons replicas include Scottish claymores, Renaissance rapiers, medieval halberds, Celtic daggers, and much, much more. Additionally, you can find eye-catching fantasy weapons, giving you a wide variety of decorative and battle ready blades.
Shadow Cutlery Weapons, Shadow Cutlery Swords, and Shadow Cutlery Axes
Buying a Sword offers weaponry produced by many excellent brands, such as Shadow Cutlery. Shadow Cutlery specializes in oriental weapons for martial artists and licensed Vikings weapons from the popular TV show for collectors. Be sure to check out our functional ninja swords, as well as our Ragnar Lothbrok axe and Vikings swords from the series. When you want great quality weapons for training or display, come to our Shadow Cutlery brand.
Stage Steel Weapons, Stage Swords, and Re-enactment Blades
Whenever you are still honing your swordsmanship or performing on stage, you should consider coming to Stage Steel here at Buying a Sword for the perfect functional sword. Stage Steel specializes in stage combat weapons that are crafted with full tangs and tempered steel yet have blunted edges that make them safer while retaining their great look. These theatrical swords and daggers are ideal as training blades and historical re-enactments.
Tinker Pearce Weapons, Tinker Pearce Swords, and Tinker Pearce Replacement Blades
In the realm of functional swords, Tinker Pearce remains a pre-eminent craftsman with his 30 plus years of experience and research into the engineering of historical swords. These medieval swords come in a range of options like bastard swords, Viking swords, and longswords. Available in blunt and sharp versions, Tinker Pearce swords and sword replacement blades are ideal for sparring, training, and cutting.
United Cutlery Weapons, Fantasy Swords, and Lord of the Rings Weapons
Are you a fan of high quality fantasy weapons? If so, United Cutlery offers a spectacular array of collectible swords, daggers, and maces from the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit films, as well as other fantasy games and series. In addition to licensed fantasy swords, United Cutlery also boasts a selection of historical weapons like Roman swords and oriental swords that are ideal for re-enactors and weapons enthusiasts.
Valiant Arms Weapons, Valiant Arms Swords, and Decorative Swords
Find your next collectible weapon here at Buying a Sword among the fine historical weapons replicas from Valiant Arms. Valiant Arms takes pride in producing high quality decorative weapons from periods ranging from ancient to Renaissance. Crafted with attention to detail and authenticity, these Bronze Age swords, Renaissance sabers, and medieval polearms make excellent display pieces for collectors and weapons enthusiasts.
Valyrian Steel Replicas, Game of Thrones Weapons, and Game of Thrones Swords
Valyrian Steel remains the official source of licensed Game of Thrones replica weapons, making this the first place to come to find amazing Game of Thrones collectibles. Named for a lost method of forging, Valyrian Steel produces high quality decorative swords, daggers, hammers, and more modeled on the props used in the HBO show. With many pieces offered as limited editions, quality and attention to detail are visible in each ornamental weapon.
Windlass Weapons, Windlass Functional Swords, and Windlass LARP Weapons
Windlass is known for their dedication to high quality weapons. At Buying a Sword, we carry a wide range of Windlass products for collectors and re-enactors, including functional swords, decorative blades, LARP weapons, medieval polearms, and licensed replicas, among others. Windlass offers many historical weapons in styles like Viking, Roman, Scottish, and Renaissance, as well as an assortment of striking fantasy weapon designs.
Zombiehammer Weapons, Functional Weapons, and Zombie Survival Weapons
Prepare your home for the coming zombie apocalypse by creating an armory of functional weapons suitable for fighting hordes of the undead. Zombiehammer specializes in zombie survival weapons like zombie maces, zombie pickaxes, and zombie blades that offer sturdy designs and wicked appearances. Buying a Sword is pleased to provide an assortment of Zombiehammer weapons for preppers and zombie enthusiasts to add to their collections.